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Earl Miller

Hiler Industries
Director of Innovation and Engineering
Earl Miller is the director of innovation and engineering at Hiler Industries.

When we are open to looking at the world thru a different lens, we might suddenly notice a matter more clearly, literally changing our view of a situation in a way that helps us solve a problem. Earl leans on Notre Dame’s Certified Innovation Mentor program (CIMp) and Beacon Health’s Pfeil Innovation Center training in a number of capacities at Hiler Industries’ privately held B2B foundry.

The world of manufacturing is challenging, especially when statistics are being reported the average lifespan of S&P 500 companies these days is approaching 20 years. So, ‘How Might We’ use empathy and observations to gain clarity? ‘What If’’ we took different routes to big ideas, where diverse teams collaborate on developing insights into elaborated concepts that become real-world working processes and differentiated solutions? Can it be done? ‘Yes, And’ the application of innovation tools is one great way to pull creative problem solutions into focus.