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David Cieslak

Chief Data Scientist
David Cieslak, Ph.D. is the chief data scientist at Aunalytics and was the first team member hired there. He leads the Data Solutions team which maintains primary day-to-day consulting and product development duties with all of Aunalytics' clients. Dave’s leadership helps clients achieve their digital transformation vision, and he actively works to expand solutions into AI-enabled applications - successfully mixing Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning with Enterprise and ad-hoc data sources on dozens of use-cases across numerous clients.

Dave joined Aunalytics from the University of Notre Dame, where he earned his PhD in 2009, and later joined its research faculty where his contributions help secure high value grants with both the federal government and a Fortune 500 company. He was an early member of Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing and has published numerous articles in highly regarded journals, conferences, and workshops in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence, and Grid Computing.